Clay and Wood present at National ACS meeting

Collin Clay and Zachary Wood attended the 254th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, "Chemistry's Impact on the Global Economy" in Washington, D.C August 20-24. Both presented posters featuring their research projects, representing the University of Kansas Beckman Scholars and their respective research groups. Clay, presenting "Synthesis and Reactivity Profiling: Sultams, Sulfonamides and Known Drugs as Electrophilic Probes" is a member of the Paul Hanson Research Group, and Wood presented "Assessing the scope and limitations of a new 13C NMR approach for probing charge delocalization in electron-​rich organometallics featuring the isocyanide junction unit" and is a member of the Barybin Research Group

The ACS provides a broad range of opportunities for peer interaction and career development. The programs and activities conducted by ACS today are the products of a tradition of excellence in meeting member needs that dates from the Society’s founding in 1876. Attendance gave these Scholars the opportunity to collaborate with professionals and take advantage of the many options available at this national event.