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The KU Beckman Scholars Program is supported by the Beckman Foundation, founded by Dr. Arnold O. and Mrs. Mabel Beckman. In Dr. Beckman's words, the mission of the Foundation is to "support leading-edge research, in the field of chemistry and life sciences."

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History of the Foundation

The Beckman Foundation was established in September 1977 by Dr. Arnold O. and Mrs. Mabel Beckman to give back to the scientific community. When the Foundation was established, the Beckmans intended to disburse the full amount of the endowment within their lifetimes. The Beckman's passion for supporting science began with 5 mega-gifts during 1978-1989 to establish and construct the Beckman Research Institutes and Centers at:

  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • City of Hope
  • Caltech
  • Stanford
  • University of California, Irvine

The Beckmans also provided a major grant to the National Academy of Sciences to construct and operate the Beckman Center at the National Academies as a West Coast facility to host meetings and events focused on scientific topics and advancements in medicine.

For more information, see the Beckman Foundation website.

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation

About Dr. Beckman

Dr. Arnold O. Beckman created devices that revolutionized the study and understanding of chemistry and human biology.

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