About the KU Beckman Scholars Program

Funded by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, the Beckman Scholars Program seeks to foster the next generation of creative thinkers by stimulating, encouraging, and supporting research by outstanding undergraduates who have demonstrated the desire and potential for becoming future scientific leaders.

The Beckman Scholars Program is a 15-month mentored research experience for exceptional undergraduate students in chemistry, biological sciences, or interdisciplinary combinations thereof.

Scholars embark on a 15-month program designed to enrich their development as students and scientists through innovative research, mentoring, collaboration and practice in effective communication. The program offers students a unique opportunity to become immersed in the scientific community.

The research activities shall be centered in the Departments of Chemistry or Molecular Biosciences, under the guidance of a faculty mentor chosen from a list of 15 faculty members in these two departments. The amount of funding for the 2020 Beckman Scholars Program per student is $26,000; $21,000 specifically for the Scholar (as stipend and a travel and supply fund) and $5,000 for the Scholar's Mentor.

The 2020 program will support students during Summer 2020 through the end of Summer 2021. The Beckman Scholars stipend will support the students to perform part time research (ten hours per week) during the academic year, and full time research for each of the two summers (ten 40-hour weeks per summer).

The program is a limited-submission, invitation-only program.

To see more information, visit the Beckman Foundation.

A molecular biosciences student working in the lab.